• Richard

    Richard Little

    Electric personality with years of experience managing creators, campaigns, relationships and more.


  • Phil Ranta

    Phil Ranta

    Phil brings 15 years of digital content experience as Head of Gaming Creators at Facebook, COO at Studio71, and VP of Network at Fullscreen.


Let's talk story.

Chase playing a indie game at a convention
Photograph by Laura Heimann

Nearly a decade ago, our CEO, Richard Little, made his entrance into content creation with a YouTube channel focused on investing. As his passion for the industry grew, he took several jobs focused on influencer marketing and management, setting the stage for things to come. Around 2014, Richard was at his own streaming setup, establishing himself within the League of Legends community on Twitch. As a creator, Richard experienced firsthand the balancing act of producing content and building a community while navigating the murky waters of business deals with brands.

He came to discover that understanding the ins and outs of income opportunities for content creators was as complex as it was time-consuming. This, he realized, was an all-too-common pain point for creators of all kinds. While treating content like a business is essential for long-term sustainability, most creatives would rather focus on their craft than on finding, pitching, negotiating, and managing business deals. By identifying the need to make sponsorship, campaign management, and procuring creator’s interest simple and straightforward for the creator — InfluencerStuff was born.

Being a creative in a creative industry.

As former content creators working on the business side of the industry for the past seven years, InfluencerStuff knows what it takes to deliver results. We have carefully developed meaningful relationships with both creators and brands in order to facilitate fair and beneficial opportunities for both. These relationships have allowed us to bring relevant deals to the right creators, which has helped supercharge the results.

Typically, our team seeks out business opportunities, determines which opportunities fit well with our creators’ style and preferences, negotiates prices with the brands, and brings the creator a brand offer to accept and decline. This process has helped make it easier for creators to continue to create content while we handle the business side of things on their behalf. While this approach has been highly successful over the years, some challenges still persist for the creator and brand after the campaign begins.