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Established creators understand the time commitment it takes to find, negotiate, and manage brand deals. We find the right opportunities and advocate on your behalf, freeing you to stay focused on doing what you love - creating content.

I've worked with InfluencerStuff for a few years now, and throughout that time we've collaborated on a vast number of sponsored dedicated videos and video integrations. Each one of them has been smooth sailing and I love the flexibility of the projects we've completed together. There was never any pressure to say yes or no, and communication has always been concise and efficient. I'd definitely recommend collaborating with these guys if you get the opportunity to!

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Working with usOur process is always on your side.

As a creator-first agency, we are committed to providing consistent, high-quality opportunities to engage with. We are constantly reaching out to brands to explore collaborations and campaigns to utilize our creators or publish on our Odyssey marketplace. Our approach depends on the goals of the brand we are working with.

For brands needing direction, management, or have exclusive opportunities, we will recommend specific creators we represent who would be ideal fits for a campaign - considering content-type, personality, reach, cost, and other relevant factors.

For brands with broader opportunities, they will be listed on our Odyssey platform to be considered by all registered creators. Creators will be able to independently submit an RFP for inclusion in a campaign,which will be reviewed directly by the brand for approval.

How we’re different

  • Our Odyssey platform directly addresses issues that have hamstrung creator campaigns for years. Finding deals, sharing proposals, negotiating contracts, hosting assets, providing updates, submitting final deliverables (and more) are all done in one central hub that is shared between the brand and creator.
  • For exclusive creators on our roster, we do everything we can to assist with their success and remove barriers for creating content. Whether this is an opportunity, a connection, a product, or even gear and equipment, we know that we can have an impact on each creator’s success.
  • We don’t limit our platform to gaming creators. We welcome all areas of content and are actively creating an environment that attracts a wide variety of opportunities for creators.
  • We are actively building in-house solutions that our creators will benefit from. Instead of venturing elsewhere for their merch and branded products, we are creating cost-effective systems to help our creators achieve higher margins on their sales.


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Below is some of our offerings for creators on the platform. Other offers that are tailored towards specific categories or minimums are not shown.

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